Welcome to Symbol Flux, my projects site—where the 'me' for that 'my' is Weston C. Beecroft. As you can maybe guess from this oddly worded intro, the site has only recently entered development and remains unfinished, rough, only partially coherent.

If you find yourself unsure of where to begin, might I recommend that tenacious horizontal black strip with the glowing, blue text at the top? If you've already consulted it, but still don't know why you're here, I would next recommend watching the thrilling project demo videos found at Tiled Text and abstract visual debugger. If, however, heart-stopping cinema isn't to your taste, my tertiary suggestion is to investigate the humorless curmudgeon known as 'me' to myself, 'you' when in conversation with me, 'he' when in conversation with others nearby and pointing, and 'Weston C. Beecroft' to the rest of the vast internet miscellany. You can do this by clicking the word 'about' at the top. If the word 'about' is not found at the top, try turning your computer upside down and shaking it.

And if the foregoing instructions are inadequate to endow you with direction or purpose, I sympathize, but cannot offer advice for legal reasons.

If for some reason you'd like to be assured of hearing my latest rambling in the future, you can subscribe to my blog which the link labeled 'writing' leads to. Or, you can write me an email by following the instructions found on the 'contact' page.