Mario Emergency

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There was a competition held back in Septempber of '06 to develop the best game using no bitmaps aside from those used in old mario games. I'd been on a break from programming for close to a year at this time, but the competition sounded like too much fun to skip out on--I love mario :) I got pretty far with the project: implemented collision detection, was able to load multi-leveled maps, had a scrolling floor, character control (including jumping), reflections.. However, the project remains unfinished as I decided to continue my break from programming halfway through it.

The original intention was to add lots of coins that could be picked up and monsters that could be shot. Ah yeah, and the reason behind the name 'Mario Emergency'was that I needed an animated sprite of mario facing backward, but the only one I could find was of him climbing up a ladder. When placed on the ground and used as a sprite for mario running.. Mario looks a bit awkward, like he needs to go to the bathroom. So that's the premise for the game: Mario needs to get to the bathroom and he's going to blow up anything that gets in his way, and pick up some gold coins while he's at it. Another name I was playing with was 'Mario Intestine'.

To run: you're going to need Windows XP, decent hardware, and up to date audio/graphics drivers.

Controls: Arrow keys to move, spacebar to jump.
Launch Options: