MD3 Library

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The main motivation for coding this was to gain experience in writing complex file loaders and in dealing with 3d model rendering/animation. At the start of the project I realized that I would, in the future, want to write some other loaders that could use some pieces of the code I'd written for this loader. So the project changed a bit and instead of being purely an MD3 loader, it comes with a set of classes that define a generic interface that a coder could interact with consistantly regardless of model format. Still, a loader has to be written for each format and the only one I've written so far is for MD3s. Not sure how well the library is going to end up working for other model formats, especially non-keyframed formats (e.g. skeletal models), but usability and performance in dealing with MD3s is great, imo.

Left: play previous leg animation
Right: play next leg animation
Up: replay current leg animation
A: play previous torso animation
D: play next torso animation
O: uses the warcraft model in place of the railgun (quite funny)
T: toggles texturing
W: toggles wireframe
L: toggles lighting
R: toggles rotating

Launch Options:
  • Java Webstart